Friday 17 Aug 2012


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Google met PENSON in November 2008 and since then, 280,000 sq-ft of supreme, inventive, ground-breaking workplace strategy and interior design has been delivered

This floor was the first to complete, and within two weeks, was published globally and voted by TimeOut as London’s coolest office. It has since continued to be featured in many new books relating to inventive workplace thinking.

Google’s engineers needed to cure many day-to-day practical problems. The delivered solution, with the implementation of Flight Pods (PENSON’s new invention for casual/formal meeting spaces) and other floating objects, provide acoustic barriers in strategical locations, keeping an open yet private feel. The Flight Pods also form a unique office layout, which removes the need for dead circulation

15 different types of Flight Pod provide slouching space for dramatic Engineering Emergencies, where Googlers relax with pizza and slippers. There are Video Conference rooms, which take on a Star-ship enterprise atmosphere.

There is a coffee lab, where even the furniture is made of compressed coffee bean waste. Test tubes, Bunsen Burners, and a special google blend of coffee is served up with healthy snacks.

The space also creates a unique desking feel, with 100% height adjustability to all desks and clustering that maximises Googlers into 20 strong villages and larger neighbourhoods

A spend of just £65/sq-ft inclusive of FF&E was adhered to, LEED Gold was certified, and Google’s Red List of materials, which effectively means that most chemicals have been removed from all facing and concealed finishes means that the project is highly sustainable. High content of recycled, reclaimed and recyclable materials and furniture also benefit the project’s credentials.


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