Monday 13 Aug 2012


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Inside the former Romanian Stock Exchange building, the shipping crates-themed furniture functions as storage, movable dividing walls, a dynamic company statement and reverence on the genius loci.

The oversized lamps and the chesterfields add a cozy feeling to the otherwise austere design. The warmth is brought by the natural texture of plywood. Stock Exchange is the process of moving goods. Advertising agency is the process of moving brands (which is moving goods as well). Thus, the foci here is the moving of shipping crates.

The brief was to find a versatile solution for future and quick changes in the layout as requested by often changes in the structure of departments or workgroups, to add a sense of warmth while showing the bare concrete walls that are the reinforcing structure of this historic building (part of the revamping done by architect Mario Kuibus), to stick to the values of Headvertising agency amongst which, the main one is efficiency, and finally to appeal to the young and creative employees.

Photographer: Vlad Caprarescu.

Interior Design: arch. Corvin Cristian

Area: 400 sqm

Completed: 2009


Corvin Cristian


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