Friday 10 Aug 2012


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The design concept for the Microsoft offices is based on achieving a technological and modern atmosphere according to the demands of the company over the coming decades. The task was based on designing a fun space that represents a leading organization which is passionate about what it does. The project is located in Santa Fe in Mexico City, and covers an area of 7500m2.

The public floor is on floor 7 (penthouse), containing the general reception, dining area, meeting rooms, auditorium and waiting area. The purpose of this floor was to create a warm and welcoming space for visitors. Double-height spaces, warm materials and branding representative of the company are the first contact that visitors have with the brand. Offices are located on floors 4 to 6. The point of departure for the design was the functional segmentation of the floors by activity. In the first nucleus you can find meeting rooms, phone booths, casual collisions and a kitchenette, which being high volume lend privacy to the workspaces. The operational area is in a second nucleus, which revolves around a core of directors offices with meeting rooms providing for eye contact and natural lighting for all occupants.

At the center of each floor there are major casual collisions, which are themed and enjoy natural light and spectacular views. New ways of working and technology go hand in hand with the solution for the spaces. This led to the solution for the management areas consisting of shared cores which serve as a primary cell which is directly linked to its various supporting cells. The use of color is at the heart of the design of the interior spaces, its use was intended to evoke emotions, express personalities and to stimulate the association of architecture with the brand. Technology is applied to the architecture as a means of making the user comfortable, with systems such as electronic screens for the allocation of meeting rooms, lighting control and automated blinds, automated air conditioning and sound masking to boost productivity and the morale of users.

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