Friday 10 Aug 2012


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BASF's corporate office project consists of the ground floor and 6 levels, the second floor will be for leasing and the first floor will be developed in the future.

The design program for the other floors includes spaces such as a lobby, open and private offices, meeting rooms, a dining room, rooms for informal or casual meetings, an auditorium, support areas and sites. A requirement of the client was to achieve LEED certification, so the design had to incorporate maximum parameters of energy efficiency and sustainability.

An energy analysis was carried out for the main facade, which is hard hit by solar radiation, before the specific plate glass characteristics were chosen (Solarban 70 glass). On this facade the sheets of glass are suspended in aluminium frames which in turn are attached to each slab, creating a horizontal line in each mezzanine, to which a sunshade was fastened, helping to decrease solar radiation. The buildings exterior finish is concrete with a particular type of concrete plaster to give a newly built appearance.

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