Tuesday 31 Jul 2012


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This show house is inspired by moulding. Moulding is one of the most important elements in the continental style, but it is considered too traditional to use moulding in the ceilings and walls nowadays.

As the result, designers input new elements and spread the moulding all over the whole show house. This innovative idea, not only enriched the visual effects and its vitality, but also enhanced the modern and grand style as well. As the moulding lines effect is strong, only white, black and red being selected as the theme colour for the project. Living and dining areas are in white colour, in addition to the white marble, there are moulding in various length and sizes on the ceiling and walls. The moulding being located seems-randomly-but-well placed and enhancing to the spaciousness.

Furthermore, to interpret the simple but stylish design, designers make use of the moulding with the lamp shade. Stairs handles and the unique furniture are interpreting the western interior design style. In addition, there are custom made screens in the dining area. To replace the curtain, designers make use of white and see through screens, repeating moulding pattern, to enrich the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Another highlighted sight point is the feature wall of the master bedroom. It is made up of sample laser cut wood panels, piled up to form a three dimensional moulding panel with built-in wall lamp and bedside table. To ensure this extraordinary moulding panel is the chief attraction and avoid fancy decor affecting the overall design, the furniture is in simple shape and design details.