Thursday 26 Jul 2012


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Schlaich Bergermann and Partner is an engineering firm with a global reputation, known above all for its stadiums, bridges and energy concepts.

The Stuttgart team of 110 employees were previously based in two different locations. The relocation of the entire company to a fully redeveloped, seven-storey office block dating from the 1970s, pursued the goal of reuniting the team under one roof. The move to the new building signalled a fundamental transformation in the operative and communicative structures within the company.

The idea was to establish a central communication space to become the meeting place for all departments. Work processes that had previously taken place in individual, decentralised offices would be shifted into larger, open-plan offices to promote collegial exchange. The resultant aesthetic world cites the precision and technical connotations of the engineering profession, while warm materials and a collage of communication zones of different moods create a cosy and welcoming feel.

The first and largest floor houses the communicative heart of the company. This is where all the meeting rooms and the administrative and organisational divisions are located. A wide range of seating situations offers different ambiences and the right setting for every kind of discussion. The idea is that communication should not only take place during break times.

Instead this area and its communicative function should become an integral part of the everyday workflow. The five office floors that house around 25 workstations per floor follow an identical basic structure and composition. Each floor consists of a varying number of individual offices and separate team work areas, as well as a large open-plan work space. Varying layouts on the individual work floors produce diverse office environments. While the glass-fronted individual offices remain part of the overall space, cruciform furniture separates the open-plan areas into individual sections in which a concentrated work atmosphere can prevail.