Friday 29 Jun 2012


The idea for Field of Light, to be held in Uluru, was first conceived by Bruce Munro when he visited the red centre, in Australia, in 1992.

To him, the space seemed to radiate both energy and ideas alongside the heat, and so his concept was to create a blazing blanket of southern stars that would become illuminated upon sunset. It incorporates the notion of a desert as barren until it rains- but in this case the rain is replaced with a quarter of a million stems of light.

The lights cluster in a circular format covering an area equivalent to one square kilometre, adjacent to Ayers Rock, which is a vitally important area for the Anangu population. It hopes to inspire both young and old in Kata-Tjuta, aiming to make as small a carbon footprint as possible. Munro is working on the design for 500 LED and solar- powered illuminators, so that the installation will be self-sufficient in power.

Munro is currently still awaiting funding to complete his project, and to donate a stem click here