Thursday 05 Apr 2012


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Luz en Arquitectura was commissioned to develop the Lighting Design for the new location in Mexico City of a very successful Japanese Restaurant designed by Rojkind Arquitectos and Esrawe Estudio.

Light had to be present and be part of a strong architectural statement but subtle with the interior space and the desired mood of warmth and unique ambience for each area.

The lighting of the outer skin - originally conceived as cold white light and then evolved to blue light - enhances the structure and texture of the two organic layers and gives a strong contrast to the interior warm light, making it appear even warmer than it actually is.

A linear LED fixture with elliptical optics was used hidden inside a floor recessed custom made louvered channel to avoid glare for the guests sitting close to the façade. Once you step into the foyer, a lamp that has a golden shade welcomes you and puts you in the right mood. You can choose if you want to go to the sushi bar, where light is focused on the area where the main purpose of being there is: the sushi master and his art of creating specialties.

Dimmed incandescent light fixtures were put into a custom channel that significantly reduced glare and avoids seeing the light source from seating. Or in the tearoom, a space completely surrounded by wood and a green wall, with contemporary horigutatsu's, where light islands were created to enhance intimacy. Or the dining spaces where a combination of diffuse light and low luminance fixtures with softening lenses and discrete presence where used to give a general warm and soft lighting.

There is everywhere some visual contact to the exterior through the outer skin towards the lit green vertical walls. In general we achieved our goal to make the dining experience better and the architectural virtue stronger through light.

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