Thursday 05 Apr 2012


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The creative force behind Scabetti is the English design duo Dominic and Frances Bromley.

From Dominic's earliest work in 1999, followers of the collection see a natural eye for detail and form married with high quality English made materials. Scabetti are renowned for their work with fine bone china, making a feature of its white translucent body. They design, sculpt and then craft using traditional hand casting methods in local Stoke-on-Trent Potteries in the heart of England. Recent work has seen the introduction of British made glass and steel to the collection.

Interior designer Susan Adams introduced Scabetti's portfolio of sculpture to her clients during the renovation of their East London home. The neutral palette of soft tonal shades created an ideal backdrop for Dominic and Frances Bromley's designs.

Immediately inspired by the work, a number of pieces were commissioned.

The home has two entrances and at each, you are greeted by ‘Drawn to the Light'. Inspired by mid-century mobiles, this design makes a feature of suspended pure white fine bone china forms. The forms create the illusion of being attracted to and hovering around the central light source, with the result being a seemingly weightless formation that casts enchanting shadows.

In 2007, Scabetti launched ‘Shoal', a captivating illuminated work created from delicately sculpted fish enveloping a central light source. A bespoke clear glass Shoal was chosen for the dining area, perfectly mirroring the oval form of the table beneath. Above the turn in the staircase to the first floor, a further circular fine bone china Shoal was commissioned, with the original panelled window as a backdrop.

All the pieces by Scabetti drew the project to completion providing a home with warmth and character.

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