Wednesday 04 Apr 2012


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Red Sun by Tawandang at Siam Discovery Center, Bangkok, celebrated its grand opening in January, 2012.

The new 400 m2 restaurant/bar/live music venue seats 124 and boasts to offer the best beer, the best cuisine, the best entertainment, and the best ambiance.

As a day and night, bar/restaurant/live music venue, situated on the centre's 7th floor terrace with a panoramic view of Bangkok, lighting was of paramount importance and various moods/atmosphere settings were essential in designing the new venue.

To achieve a environment which could change moods at any time, the idea of a semi transparent, light catching enclosure was developed. A serpentine wooden mesh wall was conceived, with internal LED lines. This became the unifying element of the project and was shaped into a continuous surface winding through the space.

An outstanding feature is the LED lighting, giving a dynamic internal glow to the mesh like "wraps" around the space. The idea of "Red Sun" was interpreted into 50 different sunrise and sunset scenes, carefully blended into the entire environment. The illuminations transition smoothly or can be energized and synchronized with the live music. There is even a special "Beer Scene" where the glow mimics the golden hues of Tawandang's signature Lager, Weizen and Dunkel brews! A spectacular cloud of hundreds of white LED saber pendants decorate the ceiling.

Concept International Design