Tuesday 03 Apr 2012


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The foyer lighting design by architects Mick Brundle and Simon Anson, at the specialist multi-disciplinary group Arup Associates, is a refinement on previous evolutions and collaborations with Zumtobel Lighting and the client, British Land.

The scheme and lighting products were designed and manufactured specifically for the City of London award winning sustainable office building, Ropemaker Place with contractors Stortford Interiors, SAS International & Zumtobel.

The purpose was to create an indirect/direct lighting source, with an acoustic performance, giving the 10.5m tall corner entrance foyer spatial impact and visual focus in the views from the public space of City Point Plaza and Ropemaker Street.

A series of illuminated vaulted waves seem to flow into the interior, its volume perceptually expanded by the uplit waveform surfaces. This curvaceous profile provides a visual tour de force as well as a practical solution to the lighting and acoustic requirements.

The ceiling comprises curved, preformed, white polyester powder coat, microperforated steel sheeting with a white tissue interlayer and an acoustic blanket, together with a clear acrylic "basket" diffuser to contain the individually addressable linear fluorescent luminaires. The basket diffuser is a bespoke linear extrusion designed using Zumtobel's patented ‘Waveguide' technology, which refracts a specific proportion of the light flux onto the ceiling and the remainder into the interior volume.

The individual ceiling cassettes were based on a 1500mm module, designed both to exactly fit a standard linear fluorescent luminaire and for ease of construction and maintenance.

This main ceiling lighting feature combined with LED illuminated panels on the escalator landings and within the lift lobbies, create a theme of moving towards light for the occupiers as they enter and progress through the building.

The foyer through its spacious volume, finishes, and lighting design, appears now as the main focus to the local urban context and provides a transformed backdrop to the street promenade and activities centred on City Point Plaza.

Designers: Mick Brundle & Simon Anson - Arup Associates
Construction Manager: MACE
Contractor: Stortford Interiors with Zumtobel Lighting & SAS International