Saturday 31 Mar 2012


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Lighting concept inspired by the colors of the Adriatic Sea and Mediterranean fig leaves using natural elements and futuristic lighting solutions for this luxurious Spa

Luxurious hospitality complex includes a central building with reception, hotel, spa centre and villas resort. Lighting project represented a major design challenge because of complexity and diversity of spaces that needed to be illuminated. The entrance hall and reception was designed to create visual effect of overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Inspired by the peaceful Mediterranean surroundings, the surfaces on the ceilings of the Spa center are deeply lined with veins, after the model of a fig leaf. Some veins shed light and some are treated with color.

The main idea and lighting design strategy was to create a sophisticated and futuristic atmosphere by integrating the architectural lighting fittings into the architectural solutions and decorate the space where needed with proper decorative lamps providing just the right visual comfort. With this in mind, it was used a range of halogen, cold cathode, LED and fluorescent light sources throughout the resort and color-changing technology to create a wide variety of moods and visual landscapes. As with any large complex, there are always areas that require creativity to link them together in a cohesive way.

This project was no exception and there was a challenge of linking the spa with the reception in a way that supported the lighting themes in both sections. One of the 100 m long corridors that connects these two areas has no daylight at all and were therefore designed lines within the walls with continuous color alternation and shape transformation that together with LED light sources achieved transparency and futuristic overtones.

This way the scene in the corridors is never the same and the light is dynamically following your steps in gentle movement and chromatic change. Attention to detail has been the key to success of the lighting scheme at this project, from the exterior terrace lighting to the fantastic recessed colour-changing downlighters in the restaurant, any mood can be created regardless the time of day or night.

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