Saturday 31 Mar 2012


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Implant a brilliant secular life into imperial space, blooming with the light of citizen culture.

Ditan, also known as the Temple of Earth, is located in northeast of the Forbidden City, beside Beijing's central axis, which is a symbol of imperial power. A total of 14 Emperors had attended to worship the god of Earth for 381 years. Now here becomes a park, opening to the public. Because the Temple symbolizes the Earth, its footprint is square in shape, referring to the old Chinese idea of a square shaped Earth.

The Temple's construction mirrors these beliefs with its many square walls and altars. The installation, which is made up of 13 diamond-shaped containers, is put on one of the biggest squares. Cluster-like layout seems to burst out from the ore, full of strength, which is different with the hierarchical axis and square. Each container will refract surroundings during the day, and shine at night. Special stripped LEDs behind the vertical outer façade form the diffracted light pattern. As people get close, the pattern will gradually fill from the bottom to the whole façade. And the inner surface has a 3D pattern of light. Patterned mirrors on the inner surface will give the reflection on surroundings, interacting with visitors. Similar scene can be found in Chinese garden: scene changes while moving step.

The pulsed lighting effect controlled by system is mixed by inner and outer part of the containers. Or synchronous, or asynchronous, or same color of different brightness, or different colors, creates ever-changing combination. Instantly, the solemn ritual buildings become approachable. The installation's components are independent so that easily to form new spaces. By operable program, space is lyric with gorgeous light and color. At night, these lighting "generators" invite people to join a visual feast.