Thursday 29 Mar 2012


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Daylight illuminates Stephenson&Turner Studio: A light, open-plan environment encourages health, well-being and productivity.

Stephenson & Turner NZ Ltd, Architects and Engineers, opened a new Wellington design studio in June 2011. The 460m² fitout is located in a 1900â??s loft-style open plan studio, and earned S&T a 6 Star Green Star rating from the New Zealand Green Building Council, the highest possible under the Green Star system.

S&T intended to create a fresh, comfortable, open working environment which is also healthy and productive. This special fitout called for a lighting solution which provides an energy-efficient and effective working environment throughout the day and evening, as well as being a showcase of thoughtful design, practical operability through the application of advanced yet intuitive control technologies, and the creation of a comfortable attractive ambience.

The design of the lighting started with daylight. An early digital model of the space was created and various skylight configurations were tested even before the intent to lease was signed. The result of this up-front work was that 2.5% daylight factor was achieved for all work stations. We then introduced artificial office lighting with daylight harvesting sensors resulting in lighting levels that can be maintained when daylight levels are insufficient.

This lighting is integrated into the existing architectural design by running luminaires along the trusses, concealed from below by the trusses. With the spacing and height of the lighting dictated by the building form, it was important that the selected fittings had the right lumen output and distribution. A computer model was used again to evaluate the options. Single tube T5 continuous row fittings were found to be most satisfactory.

The result is that the lighting of this office fitout maintains a connection to the daily cycles of natural light and dark and the outside world for building inhabitants.

Stephenson&Turner New Zealand Ltd

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