Thursday 22 Mar 2012


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Designed for the breath-taking Al Hitmi office development in Doha, Qatar, Reflective Flow is a 126ft long, 20 tonne masterpiece.

Created from more than 2,300 individually hand-ground optical crystals and 165,000 LED lights, Reflective Flow is the largest interactive LED light sculpture in the world.

Suspended from a glass atrium 16m in the air, Reflective Flow snakes between two imposing office complexes. Reflective Flow is created from more than 2,300 individually hand-ground optical crystals, shrouded on both sides by high quality pieces of concaved glass, covered with a unique reflective mirror coating. Above and below each crystal are six LED lights individually controlled by a remote video based system developed by specialists LSI Saco Technologies. When light is introduced behind the glass, the unique mirror coating becomes either fully or semi -transparent allowing the sculpture to transform into an ever-changing stream of light.

This custom made technology allows each of the 2,300 modules to be controlled individually allowing innumerable colour and light variations to evolve. A huge range of abstract content can be displayed via the 165,000 LEDs housed in the optical crystals, which arrives through a system of fibre optics. The associated changes in light, shape or colour of the installation are triggered by external cues, such as the weather or the movement of passers-by or specifically programmed information.

Reflective Flow took more than a month to install and was completed in 2010.

Energy efficiency?
A key principle behind all Beau McClellan's work is his respect for the environment and all care is taken to ensure the latest in eco-friendly LED technology is incorporated into his work to increase its energy efficiency. For example, optical crystal is used to help magnify the strength of LEDs to avoid using too much energy. If all the colours are turned on full to obtain a white light it uses about the same amount of energy as x 70 (100 watt bulbs).

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