Wednesday 15 Feb 2012


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Star-Turn is a lighting project by Bruce Munro which was designed as a fund-raising installation, featuring a mechanical 'bicycle' to be turned by sponsored riders through the longest night of the year (21st December).

The Wiltshire based Munro designed this piece specifically to raise funds for Help for Heroes charity on the front lawn of The Holburne Museum in Bath.

Using no electricity, the Star-Turn bike turns an armature set with spinning T-light candles, and they create haunting traces of light as they spin. The bike is housed under a geodesic dome to protect its riders from the elements. Each panel of the dome is punctuated with a circular aperture to allow for the flow of air, and small LED lamps are placed inside the rim of the dome's base like theatrical footlights. Mince pies and mulled wine were additional elements to the design.

Star-Turn is a lighting installation which was specifically conceived to raise interest and awareness for a charitable cause in an enjoyable way. The aim was to create as much amusement and interest as possible in order to attract sponsored riders, and then to create a genuinely beautiful seasonal attraction for the local community and visitors to the Holburne Museum in Bath. When Star-Turn is spun, the rider's physical effort and commitment to a very worthy cause becomes the subject of a glittering work of art.

Bruce Munro Ltd.

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