Wednesday 15 Feb 2012


Award banner

Films are composed of images made up of pixels in a continuous and moving manner.

“Pixels”, square in shape, forms the basic element of images, reflected in this cinemas brand name, “PIXEL BOX”. The designers explored the relationship of movement and the pixel to create the design theme.

Light was also considered an important element of movies, which affects the aesthetic of movie shots. A tremendous amount of square strips protrude from the feature display wall to present the cinema name stereoscopically. As the strips of various lengths and sizes, protrude the integrated lighting affects the perception and highlights the sign. 

The box office grand hall houses a large curved envelope, formed by over 6000 pieces of stainless steel panelling. The reflection of light enhances this sense of space, where interaction with customers occurs. Customers are able to see their reflection in these panels and have fun in the world-of-images.

Outside the auditoriums, an artistic installation serves as a “monument” for collecting autographs of the film talents, together with placing strips of LED walls to show classic movie scenes, visitors are made to feel part of the cultural and historical atmosphere of the movie industry. Inside the auditoriums, square luminaries have been applied on the walls and is dimly lit so that the audience sees shiny dots when they arrive. 

Four transparent rectangle cubes are located in the VIP waiting area, made up of linear strip lights on the edges of each rectangle.

The walls of the washroom are translucent when the door is locked and become transparent when there is no user; these transparent rectangles increase the sense of space of this waiting room.