Monday 13 Feb 2012


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ThyssenKrupp is a global materials and technology group with some 173,000 employees, best known for steel technology and escalators.

All head offices have now been consolidated on one campus in Essen, Germany. Thinking of the buildings as solid cuboids with smaller volumes carved out, the cutting surfaces are clad in ThyssenKrupp's own champagne-coloured flat-rolled steel which is then graze-lit.

Rather than floodlighting the buildings from outside, the interior lighting constitutes the exterior appearance, which is one of great transparency. The park, modelled from scratch where previously were production facilities, is arranged along a 235 metre long water axis.

Following the architectural masterplan, an overall lighting scheme comprises the park and all buildings with consideration of their individual purposes. Visual comfort is a major objective also for the exterior lighting. Glary light points are being avoided by strongly shielded luminaires with a bespoke light distribution. Pole mounted luminaires are enqueued with the trees of the main paths along the water basin, bollards flank the smaller trails. Concealed LED strips outline the water edge.

The design leitmotif of voids cut out of a solid cube is most apparent at the Q1 Headquarter building. The interior cutting surfaces are clad with high-quality metal sheets and illuminated by fully integrated uplights and downlights. This also creates a sense of spatial depth and an impressive nocturnal appearance of the building.The Casino and the staff cafeteria in the Q2 Forum building feature custom-designed pendant luminaires which pick up the aspect of steel in a surprisingly pleasant fashion. In the "Room of Tranquillity" a cube with a colour-changing LED ceiling showcases the titanium wall cladding.

Energy efficiency is key for all lighting solutions at the Quarter. Daylight sensors and controllable shading louvres, presence detectors and high-efficacy lamps contribute to enormous energy savings.



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