Monday 13 Feb 2012


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The urban railway system between Vienna´s centre and the airport got redesigned.

Two recently finished stations are "Vienna Airport" and "Wien Mitte". The underground station at Vienna airport got expanded to twice its platform length, new entrances were built to provide improved access to and from the airport's new terminal building. The station "Wien Mitte" also got new entrances, the interior received a new outfit.

Much emphasis was placed on improving the lighting situation:
A lateral band of light is situated along the platform edge. It results in an optical differentiation of the platform and a better illumination along the platform edge.The faces of the support colums and the entries to the stairs are fitted out with a surface light.

The backlight brightens up the space between the supporting structure, improves the lighting situation and enhances the feeling of safety. The orientation is improved by the marking of the staircases.In "Wien Mitte" a recessed lighting in the platform ceiling creates a visual extension of the platform.

In the "Vienna airport station" spotlights brighten up the curved platform ceiling and create an even indirect lighting situation.

ÖBB - Austrian Railways, Vienna

Zechner & Zechner ZTGmbH, Vienna

Time schedule:
Planning 2003 - 2007 in several stages, Completion: 2005-2011 (in several stages)

Zechner & Zechner Zt Gmbh