Thursday 12 Jan 2012


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The charm of this fine house speaks for itself. The composure of the architecture is beautifully reflected in the characteristics of the interior.

A stunning black entrance door with light coming from both sides of its windows overlooking the garden creates a signature foyer in the house. The dark color tone wall with embroidered flower accent gives an impression of a dynamic contrast between space and function. The design allows an impeccable transition from one room to another while the indoor blends with the outdoor areas. A touch of blue appears in the wallpaper, wall paint and soft furnishing of this residence.

Such ambience is perfectly expressed in the living and family rooms prompting a classic modern interior. A personal touch is added through a subtle collection of modern and antique artworks. Meanwhile, the heart of the house is set in the kitchen, which stands in front of the dining room heightened by a unique black chandelier. Both rooms are separated by a small patio and fishpond.

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