Wednesday 11 Jan 2012


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The restaurant offers more than a regular cafe for this resort hotel. It is a place for timeless relaxation and freedom.

A variety of seating arrangements, from sofa groups to normal pull up dining chairs, provide different modes of dining enjoyment...whether reading a book in private with just a cup of tea, a light meal with a couple of friends, or a full hearty dinner with the entire family.

The restaurant is an open space with an open kitchen in the center. It is deliberately designed to use natural light and the splendid landscape surrounding as the back drop vista of the interior. Panoramic full height operable windows opening to the outdoor gardens are installed on 3 sides of the restaurant dissolving the boundaries of the dining vicinity. The light weight pure white shear curtains on the windows soften the light penetration and welcome the soft summer breeze incoming to the dining hall, where the change of light by sunrise and sunset are being equally celebrated.

Wood in its genuine grains and colours is the palette of the entire restaurant. With the compliment of travertine stone, bump glass, copper, candle chandeliers above the private dining corners, all set a light hearted and sensual ambience to the restaurant.