Sunday 08 Jan 2012


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WANG was commissioned by Kwok Hang Holdings to design their new headquarters in a newly acquired 10,000 sqft office space in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong.

The office renovation marked a significant transition of power from the chairman of the company to his son; it also marked a shift in corporate culture from conservative to open; from local to international. Kwok Hang specializes in high-end luxury goods designed and made in Italy. Located in the core of their office, two large independent showrooms showcase their jewelry and shoe collections. WANG employed tradition materials with new fabrication methods and unconventional forms to reference the shift in corporate culture; and at the same time, to emphasize upon the corporation?s preservation of use of the highest quality materials in their products.

Through cracked openings in a deeply textured hydro-finish travertine wall in the reception area, one can steal glimpses of their latest shoe collection through one side and marvel at their jewelry sparkle on the other. From rough stone to refined jewelry; from raw leather to polished shoes, WANG created an aesthetic that reflected on this process of refinement in the work of the client?s specialty products.

In contrast to the sinuous curves of the office perimeter, the two showrooms appear as foreign black boxes in the center of the office. Further attention is drawn to the showrooms as stone-mimicking wall covering is plastered on the exterior, adding to the visual weight and presence of the showrooms.

The unique oval shape of the office inspired a geometric play of sinuous curves and dynamic lines in the office design. As you travel from the center of the oval outwards, solid teak wooden slats traces an oval around the ceiling, guiding you further into the office. Managerial rooms and common staff areas line the perimeter of the oval- they enjoy views of the Hong Kong harbor side whilst being able to keep an eye on their open staff floor.

The open offices are perched on the extreme tips of the oval. The ceiling helps articulate a clearly defined area for the general staff, visually instilling a sense of privacy valued in traditional workplaces whilst still achieving the desired sense of a modern open-plan workplace.

For this and every one or its projects, WANG curates a cinematic experience for users that is emotive, memorable and slightly unexpected.

The office was completed in May 2011 and has been in full operation since.