Tuesday 20 Sep 2011


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A modern approach to gourmet food shopping has been created by Pusateri's in Bayview Village

The concept of "Food is Fashion" was a guiding principle in the design philosophy where food is presented within a visually uncluttered and refined setting. The textures, colours and beauty of the food are the centre of attraction. The fashion look is expressed through the highly reflective surfaces, an aesthetic often found in high-end department stores. Pusateri's feels thoroughly modern and reflects a contemporary lifestyle experience.

Merchandise is integrated into the storefront design in the form of a fully operational cheese fridge that displays large wheels of Parmagiano-Reggiano cheese. Despite the plethora of product offerings, a pared down merchandising program features product presentations that are structured and contained. Throughout the white space, the different merchandise zones are distinguished according to their materials. The elegance of the design is enhanced with the monolithic used of luxurious materials that form the backdrops for the various departments. All walls are either treated with glass, deeply veined natural stone or darkly stained wood.

The flooring throughout the sales area is a large format mini-crystal white tile which is quite daring for a grocery store. White Calacutta marble slabs in a book-matched pattern with concealed overhead lighting are set behind the meat counter. Green glass panels with a customized circular pattern applied on an adhesive film on the back of the glass form the fish department background.

Product displays, though dense, are immaculately organized and the elegant materials are given the prime exposure with their large surfaces. The check-out area is meant to emulate a hotel concierge desk with marble slab desks and none of the traditional check-out cash numbers one would expect to find in a grocery store. In keeping with the store's clean aesthetic philosophy, signage and graphics are minimal.