Monday 19 Sep 2011


The orthodontic practice, designed by Atelier H-2-A (Dipl.-Ing. Mona Bayr MSc.), combines a historic interior with a water escape.

The orthodontic practice of Dr.TinaBayr and Dr. DominikSpaeth is located in the second oldest building in Ueberlingen, in Germany, built in 1601. Atelier H-2-A faced a few design challenges during the renovation, as the exterior façade, wooden beams and interior columns were held under a preservation law.

The challenge was to, to form a correspondence between a rich, historic past and a new interior installation. The solution came through the use of reflections - creating 3 dimensional bent security glass surfaces that are placed within various substructures. A glass intervention projects wave patterns on the ceiling of the historic building.

These creative constructions also act as animal-inspired sculptures that not only divide the space but provoke fantasies of big, blue whales and increase spatial movement.

The elements of the dental chairs and the green glass wall appear as one entity, as the metal structure and the support of the glass wall are produced in the same color as the technical accessories of the dental chairs. Lighting elements located above dental chairs provide optimized lighting for the intense work space.

The geometric form of these morphing walls is also reflected in the design of the reception desk, which connects all spaces in a seemingly single swoop. The glass walls - filled with flowing colors - reflect light onto the surrounding ceiling and walls, transforming a once-feared dental visit into a deep aquarium atmosphere.

Firm principle: Dipl.-Ing. Mona Bayr MSc., licenced architect

Built area:  267m² square meters

Location: Ueberlingen at the Lake Constance, Germany

Finish material: 

Walls: 3dimensional bent security glass (2x4mm)

Flooring: tile floor, color teint : concrete  

Ceiling: suspended ceiling (gypsum board)/ painted old wooden ceiling