Monday 19 Sep 2011


Candido 1859 is one of the first fashion label stores to open in Southern Italy.

The Men's department consists of a main commercial area; three separated mono label spaces, and a ‘private' sales room and a storage area. This floor was a later addition to the original 18th century building that was formerly a private residence whose structure is characterized by thick walls and high vaulted ceilings.

The challenge was to give a contemporary overhaul to this structurally marginalized space characterized by a very low ceiling and a central patio covering the lower main entrance hall. The patio was raised to create the ‘'private'' sales room and its central round table with a reflective glass top works as a skylight for the lower spaces offering an extra value to the entrance on the ground floor. The modular mirrored ceiling composed of 8 repeated triangular elements heightens the space around the patio and entices the visitor before drawing her down a coloured path of light. This reflection increases the space simultaneously fading the limits of shelves, hangers and exhibition elements.

The central patio can be used for events such as art exhibitions and private gatherings at the owner's discretion. Customized elements such as hangers and mirrors can be easily added or removed and stored as needed.