Thursday 15 Sep 2011


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Transporting you into a world of pleasant surprises - Reebonz a fresh and exciting design in Singapore.

This flagship store for Reebonz is a gallery for high-end luxury goods and the latest trends in fashion, make up and lifestyle. By not introducing a minimal number of colours into the interior space, ONG&ONG had hoped to neutralise the setting and let the products stand out in contrast.

Raw material, such as concrete and rope, contrast the high-end glossy finishes of the display fixtures, and the hand-woven rope walls further separates the VIP lounge area from the Showroom.

The fixtures are mobile and allow room for experimentation with the space to create a variety of shopping experiences. Sitting in the middle of the showroom, an illuminated staircase forms the central point of this design piece. To one side, the refreshment tables, each with their smooth white finish and one side ending in a short series of steps, are reminiscent of fashion runways.

A stage area with a glass-made projection wall adds dimension to the showroom, but can be sealed off by gold curtains and used for special video screenings. With an array of new and unexpected elements to delight customers with, the interior design of Reebonz was truly inspired by the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the fashion world.