Wednesday 14 Sep 2011


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Designed by Morph Design Company (MDC), the Angsana Spa at Ozone offers a spa retreat designed to be a sanctuary for the inner self, to refresh and rejuvenate your spirit as well as your physical being.

At the core of the spa's design is a focus on an area's ability to invoke a sense of quiet and tranquillity achieved through colour palettes, space hierarchies, furniture and finishes, all selected keeping in mind the central theme of serenity.

10,000 Sq Ft. sanctuary ensures a unique guest experience, reflecting a commitment to delivering an unsurpassed level of quality.

Unique to this Angsana Spa is the outdoor pavilion concept with a refreshing tropical feel. Using an interesting interplay of colours & materials a charming outdoor spa inspired the use of natural material - indigenous stone, warm lights and tiled roofs set the tone for a wonderful spa experience. The lush garden landscapes enclosed within each pavilion and natural bamboo blinds hint at a tropical sanctuary.

The combination of gorgeous natural light, rich wood and the use of earth colours such as yellow ochre and burnt sienna convey a sense of nature's goodness. MDC created a sense of the outdoors indoors by using waterfalls, bamboo, and stone. Natural elements such as calming waters and meditative gardens intrigue spa visitors as they experience the environment along with their treatments.

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