Wednesday 14 Sep 2011


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Designed by Morph Design Company (MDC), the Angsana Spa at Prestige UB City offers an in-door spa within a luxury space, of approximately 4700 sq. Ft.

The design aesthetic embodies sublime bliss and on arrival, guests are visually engaged by a tree motif on the wall - the same theme is extended to the floor as well as the soft furnishings.

Open since October 2008, the spa is designed to fit into its unique natural surroundings. At the core of the spa design is a focus on an area's ability to invoke a sense of quiet and tranquillity. The design focuses on achieving this through colour palettes, space hierarchies, furniture and finishes which are all selected keeping in mind the central theme of serenity.

The design consists of an interesting mix of materials, exotic colours for warmth and a large amount of wood work combined with clean straight elegant lines.

Distinctive primary features that make the spa luxurious include a linear wooden floating platform, a play of lights and candles which make the entire space magical. The ‘tree of life' motif symbolizes life and was created to give a positive feel to the spa. MDC have curved the lead motif on the floor as an interesting in lay in the marble flooring. The use of interesting fabrics, beaded curtains in warm rich colours also add to the spaces luxuriousness.

Spa Architect: Morph Design Co
Spa Lighting : Morph Design Co
Spa Decor: Morph Design Co
Spa Interior Designer: Ms. Anjum Jung
Furnishing: Morph Design Co
Equipment by: Banyan Tree, Singapore

Prestige Estates Projects Ltd


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