Tuesday 13 Sep 2011


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Flagship shop of finest cashmere designer at the heart of Osaka

Kengo Kuma & Associates designed an organic shape that is tender and warm to express cashmere's soft texture.

They also incoorprated the organic pattern on a plant's surface in the architecture. A plywood structure of layers of thinly sliced polygonal veneers, were joined manually with aluminum connectors specially invented for the construction.

The vegetable wall starts from the basement café and continues up to the 3rd floor, as if a real plant is growing from the ground, making you feel wrapped in the roots of the plant.

This way, a new type of texture was realized at the heart of busy Osaka, creating a contrast with typical box-type architectures. Plywood is not a costly material, but can create a unique and luxurious atmosphere, responding well to Lucien's expensive yet casually-worn cashmere.

Kengo Kuma & Associates