Wednesday 03 Aug 2011


With a simple, restrained and elegant design, the Arrop project is strongly linked to the persona and style of chef Ricard Camarena, who received his first Michelin Star with the Arrop Gandía restaurant in 2007.

The restaurant forms part of the Hotel Palacio Marqués de Caro in Valencia, which is itself still under construction, although the restaurant has been designed to work independently from the hotel.

The project, which required a highly technical solution, needed to preserve three important elements: the old city wall from the 16th century, the aljibe (a rainwater collection tank) and a 17th century Gothic arch. The challenge for Francesc Rifé was to integrate these three elements into the modern design which characterises the hotel as well as the restaurant.

The rest of the interior has a neutral design, using smoked mirror to cover the vertical and horizontal surfaces. This allows the three aforementioned elements to stand out as the most important features of the space.

Next to the lounge is a square, glazed annexe which could also act as a breakfast dining area for the hotel in the future.

The main lounge area is located under the terrace/lobby of the hotel, and, although partially below ground, the room is illuminated throughout the day by a skylight which runs the length of the space. Different textures - including glossy resin floors, carpet and textile details give the space a strong, architectural simplicity.

The rainwater collection tank was renovated to house the bathrooms. It is surrounded by a large glass volume which also contains an extensive wine cellar, and at the same time acts as a separation between the entrance/aperitif area and the dining room. This entrance also serves as the client reception; facing the original stone wall, it functions as a pivot point between the hotel, access to the restaurant and the glass feature.

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