Monday 25 Jul 2011


Inspired by the experimental nature of Harvey Nichols latest pop up space ‘Taste Lab', multidisciplinary London design practice in square lab intricately crafted a fluid wavelike chandelier using more than 540 chemistry laboratory test tubes.

‘Taste Lab' is an initiative of Global Food Consulting to introduce the latest food news and trends from around the world to London, UK. Located on level 5 of Harvey Nichols food market, in square lab was commissioned to create an architectural intervention that offers visitors a sense of expectation and arrival.

With limited budget and a tight programme of three weeks from inception to completion, in square lab's approach was to move away from designing a single object and towards creating a system made up of modular elements. 21 bespoke lightweight timber frames were constructed to suspend 546 test tubes at various heights. The frames were subsequently choreographed to form a fluid surface; generating numerous crests and troughs that reflects and celebrates the activities of ‘Taste Lab'.

The inherent material properties of the test tubes were maximised through the use of dimmable energy saving halogen bulbs, allowing Test Tube Chandelier to throw light in unexpected ways - synthesising its form with its function. 

Further research is currently underway to provide intelligence to the Test Tube Chandelier. The team aims to enhance the modularity nature of the project through integrating lighting and kinetic mechanisms; giving Test Tube Chandelier the possibility to react cybernetically with activities of ‘Taste Lab' in real time.

Area: 30sqm (8.5 m long x 3.5 m wide)

546 test tubes,
12 energy saving halogen bulbs, bespoke lightweight timber structure

in square lab Ltd


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