Tuesday 07 Jun 2011


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LervikDesign was in 2008 commisioned to create a light installation for the leading scandinavian insurance-company Skandia, suitable for their indoor courtyard at the new HQ in Stockholm. They demanded a piece with longevity, a clever use of material limiting environmental damages before and after production. It had to reflect Skandia's core values, its stakeholders and their future.

Concept  The courtyard is the 'heart' of the company, the centre-point where all 'walking-paths' collides. The conceptual idea is based on the company's values; integrity, respect, accountability, passion and breaking boundaries. It is about the people, a company that came out stronger after the financial turmoil, and is focusing on the future. Skandia's humanitarian initiative 'Ideas for life´ was another inspiration for the creation of the 1780 heads symbolising its members of staff, the collective as well as the individual strenght.

Experience  It is an art piece and a 3D screen, called 'Dimension'. Built of 1780 heads, 35.000 parts and 24.000 LED lamps. The dimensions are 3x3x3 meters. Light as a communication-tool adds a level of interaction with its audience. It is possible to show 3D movements, movies and text. Ergo, it communicates messages in 3 dimensions. The new technic provides new dimensions to its functionality, it can vary both in strenght and shade. Each lamp can be coded differently and run digitally, the message and images can therefor vary for each head if needed. It works as a light source at night, spreading light above and beyond the courtyard.

It was shown at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2010, now a permanent feature at Skandia HQ.

Sustainability Plastic is the perfect material that remains fresh long-term. The material demanded low energy use during the production. After completion, the whole unit uses less than 1000 watts. This is less than what a normal heating unit demands.

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