Monday 06 Jun 2011


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Shoal, Sushi and Sashimi; Scabetti's perfectly themed sculptural centre piece graces the interior of new high end Japanese restaurant.

The owners of WATATSUMI saw the ideal marriage between their new high end Japanese restaurant and Scabetti's statement piece installation Shoal. The emotional and visual link between the food served and the sculpture creates a calm and natural presence within the prestigious Club Quarters Hotel address. A single statement piece was wanted, and Shoal, with its formation of fine bone china fish, certainly provides this focus as you enter the new venue in the very heart of London.

The nature of the design allows Dominic and Frances Bromley, the creative force behind Scabetti, to tailor the formation perfectly to suit the requirements of each project. Each Shoal is made by hand in England. Supporting the local, time honoured skills of the Potteries in North Staffordshire, the fish are slip cast from fine bone china and strung into formation in Scabetti's studio. Working within the confines of the brief and the listed status of the building, the translucent china body of the fish radiate the internal light source, with the clear glaze reflecting the soft tones of the surrounding decor. Shoal helps to carry the diner on their exciting culinary journey beyond Sushi and Sashimi.

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