Monday 06 Jun 2011


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When Hilton Hotels Corporation moved their global headquarters to McLean, Virginia, tvsdesign was engaged to work with them to transform the twenty-five year old adjacent Hilton hotel into their flagship property.

The Hilton brand promise is to enable travellers to work, relax and enjoy the hotel through personal and enabled experience 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Lighting became a key strategy used to meet Hilton's objectives. By day the atrium lobby is washed with natural light. The lobby bar serves as a coffee venue, with a glass pastry display case that utilizes electro chromic glass, which becomes an opaque lighting feature at night. At dusk the lobby transforms.

Backlit onyx coffee tables give the space a warm glow while using a dimmable fluorescent source. Cold cathode fixtures illuminate the amber glass of the back bar, while LED lights give the highlight the bottles, both fixtures working together to create a compelling display. The signature piece of the lobby is the custom glass sculpture, which uses LED lights suspended among the glass tubes and then uplight from the bar top with hidden halogen lamps. Cold cathode lighting is integrated into the glowing wood frame, to give the overall lobby a warm and dramatic look.

Right off the lobby is the new destination restaurant, Harth. Hilton needed a space to handle their high breakfast demand, but wanted a space warm and sophisticated enough to draw in guests from the neighbourhood for lunch and dinner. The entry to Harth is highlighted with a back lit wine bottle display.

The transformation from day to night was accomplished through a series of strategies that involved opening up the exterior wall to wash the space in daylight, while introducing decorative lighting features and a series of glass enclosed fireplaces that provide a romantic atmosphere at night.

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