Monday 06 Jun 2011


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The youngest Ritz Carlton hotel in Hong Kong and the world's highest hotel became another top client for Lasvit, the Czech Republic based company which focuses on bespoke luxury lighting solutions.

Lasvit's domain is not just in projects which command originality, artistic design and attention to detail but also in an unrivalled understanding of the nature and character of glass. The contemporary designs by the young Czech designers and traditional craft of the glass masters are qualities which are appreciated by experts and valued customers around the world.

Each piece of Diamond Sea is handmade and unique with organic bubbles and fluting effect. They are arranged in different heights to create a layering movement.

Lasvit used 8,000 pieces of rippled hand blown glass components coloured in opal and champagne to mimick sunlight's reflection on the sea's surface. The design's precise colour placement and careful adjustment was overseen in person by the designer, one of Lasvit's most celebrated Senior Designers, Katarina Kudejova Fulinova. She explains "I tried to design lighting sculptures full of dynamics and movement and with a feeling of luxury, which is what the Ritz Carlton hotel chain represents".

Leon Jakimic, Lasvit's Group General Manager, said "We really appreciate the opportunity we were given by the Hong Kong Developer together with other designers from Singapore and Japan. The highest hotel in the world is not a challenge Lasvit faces on a daily basis! To produce 8,000 hand blown rods almost 90cm long in just two months was a big challenge for our production team. Originally we had four months to complete the production but this was cut short unexpectedly. Our designers also had to work very hard. The concept was changed many times and so we amended the design many times, but we all feel that the result is really worth it".

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