Monday 06 Jun 2011


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Modern, luxurious and clearly urban, the Met Hotel is the new ultra-modern five-star hotel by Chandris Hotels in Thessaloniki.

The hotel comprises 212 rooms and suites, 13 rooms for multiple uses with max capacity of 1200 individuals, 2 restaurants, 3 bars, spa facility and roof garden complete with roof-deck and pool.

The lighting strategy for this project is based upon three elements. Subtlety achieved with the use of fixtures that are integrated seamlessly into the building fabric, drama created by juxtaposing darker and brighter effects and emphasizing particular architectural elements and lastly aesthetic uniformity with the choice of light fittings throughout the hotel that complement and highlight the interior decoration.

The major "ingredients" for the lighting of the hotel's reception, bar-lounge area, all-day restaurant and basement foyer are the geometrical slots on the ceiling created by the trimless profiles that encompass directional spotlights. The slots are designed with geometrical variations in relation to the particular space and house different kinds of spotlights and in some cases concealed cold cathode lamps. Thus, all public spaces throughout the hotel are aesthetically unified without sacrificing the particular lighting requirements for each space. Additional lighting is provided with systems of similar aesthetics, trimless orthogonal recessed spotlights and concealed linear lighting along walls and other architectural elements.

The general lighting is achieved with linear ceiling recessed profiles that echo the geometrical patterns of the public spaces but in a more formal way. These elements encompass both halogen and metal halide spotlights. The lighting is complemented with decorative feature circular chandeliers that "interrupt" the orthogonal linear profiles. The same logic of orthogonal linear patterns is carried on in the design of the meeting rooms. In these spaces the linear ceiling and wall slots have integrated concealed cold cathode lighting for a luminous effect and the provision of general lighting. Additional lighting is provided by decorative wall fittings and pendant lights.

L+DG Thomas Gravanis Lighting Architects