Thursday 02 Jun 2011


Award banner

Located in the Xinyi District of Taipei, the W hotel is a new establishment in the heart of the financial and premier shopping district of Taipei.

The overall lighting methodology focuses on creating a dynamic, playful, and futuristic design to enhance the luxury boutique experience of the W.

At the entrance, a combination of downlights and uplight wallwashers are utilized to illuminate the logo, entrance floor, textured wooden columns to create a dramatic and subtle effect. As the guest enters into the entry lobby area, a change in tempo bring outs the excitement atmosphere achieved by using lighting to create a playful appeal. This is achieved by having randomized recessed blue LED fixtures in the floor while the white uplights are used to create a sparkle effect with the suspended mirror plastic walnut sheets, thus creating unique shadowed patterns on the ceiling. At the same time, wallwashers are used to accentuate the beautiful wooden panels on the walls of the lobby.

As the guest makes its way up the building in the elevator, recessed LED strips continue the vibrant and excitement from the lobby reception area. Surrounded with mirrors on all sides, the floor to ceiling linear lights on the elevator wall create a kinetic flow of energy as guest feel they are free floating in space.

While exiting out the elevator at the lobby reception area, the tempo is slowed to bring the guest back to the boutique experience. The experience becomes intimate as the lighting is dimmed and emphasis is placed on the pool. Linear LEDs recessed around the pool floor and candle like fixtures on the floor deck create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

The lighting experience for the W truly brings out the dynamic, playful, and futuristic appeals to ensure the guest have the best experience.