Thursday 02 Jun 2011


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Cecil Balmond was approached by Targetti + Louis Poulsen to create a semi-permanent design for the firm's new showroom, Spazio Luce, in Milan.

According to Targetti + Louis Poulsen, Spazio Luce is a ‘light factory,' promoting the ‘culture of light,' exploring its interrelations with architecture, art, sociology, science and design.

For the 500 sq m showroom, Balmond conceived Nebula, an experiential and generative world of light, form and art.

Nebula features a 20m long, 10m high sculpture , handcrafted from over 12,000 hand polished aluminium plates held in tension between 4km of stretched stainless steel chains. Algorithmic forms are projected around Nebula. Targetti + Louis Poulsen lights are positioned within and around Nebula, creating a holistic, integrated environment. The design is conceived from a deep inner logic and rigour, the result of Balmond's research. It blurs the boundaries between architecture, art, science and geometry.

Crafted with low impact technology, Nebula is made with minimum waste due to precise laser cutting. It is a flexible design that can be reimagined in different ways, ensuring a multi-functional, long-lasting space.

Navigate Nebula and you are inside live, three-dimensional, fractal space, a realm of illusion and illumination. Classics such as the Artichoke light are infused with new meanings and re-experienced entirely. The result is a new kind of sensory, poetic experience.

Balmond's ground breaking conceptual design points to exciting new horizons.

Nebula opened during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2011.

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