Wednesday 01 Jun 2011


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LDPi were appointed by Awal Hoteling Company of Bahrain to undertake lighting design consultancy for the BWTC project. The new commercial development at BWTC, is located in the Manama business district.

The new buildings that were designed by WS Atkins Architects consists of the twin office towers which are situated on the new shopping mall complex and car parking to form the towers' podium and visual base. The focal point of the development is the twin tower structures which benefits from their prominent location on the site's north-western frontage with views of the Arabian Gulf. The existing Sheraton Hotel and shopping mall had their external facades refurbished and re-clad so as to unify the old and new buildings and appear as an overall complex with enhanced lighting to create a common identity.

The towers are iconic in their curved built elliptical plan and sail-like forms and are linked by three bridges which each incorporate wind turbines to become the first large-scale architectural project integrating wind turbines to generate the buildings part electrical requirements. The 29-metre diameter wind turbines form the central feature of the twin towers where the 44 floor storey towers are capped with glass spires.

LDPi scope was to provide lighting design consultancy for the internal FOH/Public areas for the new build works and also the external façade lighting pertaining to the overall development's new and existing frontages together with surrounding landscape areas.

In order to extenuate the elliptical and sail-like forms that appear on the towers' front and rear facades, the exterior illumination design intent was not to be a solely off-building flood-lighting scheme. As a result, LDPi considered the use of both accent and graphic lighting techniques to provide a mix of subtle and sympathetic lighting which enhances the built architecture to allow for elements of light and shade.

With the towers standing at 240m high in their prominent coastal location, an important priority for the lighting design was to pronounce the verticality of the towers. The "grounding" of the podium's horizontality where the twin towers meet the ground was also a major factor on the overall design.

At concept stage LDPi considered that the twin tower building configuration with their prominent location and sail features would act as a natural stage setting and back-drop for temporary event lighting plus visual projection which could be undertaken by others.

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