Wednesday 01 Jun 2011


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MTY house is located in a recently developed residential area in the district of San Pedro Garza in the northern state of Nuevo Leon in Mexico.

Each lot has an extension of 100,000sq ft. and a limited size of the constructions footprint to keep the impact on nature as little as possible.

The views from the house are breathtaking. On the south-western side, the rock formations of the sierra cast impressive shadows on the slopes during the day. To the northeast the city of Monterrey lies in the background and becomes an endless sea of lights just before the sun hides behind the mountains and another day comes to an end.

The lighting design concept was developed in a way to emphasise this unique condition: each part of the program fits into a series of independent boxes that are unique spaces and created in different materials - only connected by subtle voids of glass covered corridors.
Two lines of light in the ground emphasise the infinite view at night towards the city, clearly separating the volumes from each other. The minimal led strip was planned in a small cove, during the day looking as a shadow gap, then covered by a glass diffuser to soften the light and let the views be and integral part of the experience at night. These lines of light set the pace for the composition on the inner part of the spaces, were subtle lines of indirect light and cove lighting appeared together with point light sources to accent some artwork the client has.

Some commercial lighting fixtures were adapted locally to meet the lighting requirements. Recognizing the strengths of local labour, a unique job was done on site to get a clean integration of lighting fixtures with an interesting result of clean, warm and efficient lighting solution.

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