Tuesday 31 May 2011


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Stop, Look, Be Impressed. 5-Star shopping hotel, a new typology in a prime shopping district junction.

Creating effervescence at a prime junction between Orchard Road and Bideford Road, this unique 5-star hotel boasts all the amenities you would expect of a world class shopping district. With re-conceptualized spaces, retail flagship stores are incorporated right in the hotel. Alluring and exclusive by day, the revamped 308 guestroom Grand Park Orchard exudes an air of mystery and status with its dark cubical prism form and herringbone facade. By night it transforms into an impressive and exciting form, displaying vibrant colours that intertwine like strands into yarn.

Energy-efficient LED lights are integrated into the facade cladding system, ‘wrapping’ the hotel like a fabric. The wide range of LED light colours exceeds the traditional colours for tweed. Saturated colours and animated lighting sequence make an effort to generate a modern quality. The prominent corner features an 8-storey media screen, well suited for showcasing fashion runway show, addresses the prime junction, marking it a distinctive urban node with light and buzz.

Akin major shopping streets of Tokyo and Hong Kong, night shopping is energised and dynamic. Hotel guestroom experience is further heightened with hues of myriad colours programmed to soothing rhythms.

Façade lighting now plays a duo role: an outward exhibition of architectural expression and an inward expression of ambience. Enhancing the shopping plaza experience with constraints of local guidelines, the opportune play of light and shadow is used to create herringbone lines on the pedestrian walkway. The glass canopy above is ceramic-fitted with herringbone pattern thus casting interesting shadow lines on the required uniform grey granite floor tiles. The ‘urban carpet’ forms and transforms with every angle of the sun, enhancing the shoppers’ street experience.

DP Architects Pte Ltd

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