Tuesday 31 May 2011


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Be indulged in the world of exploration in this boutique hotel. Converted from an old school, the conserved 4-storey boutique hotel is situated in Little India, a culturally rich enclave in Singapore.

The themed hotel draws on the concept of travelling, the desires to explore, while interiors are inspired by the vibrant fabric colors of Little India. A theme on travelling with a graphical-design emphasis was the brief for 3 well established graphic designers: Asylum, Phunk Studio and fFurious. Each was to generate a concept for a storey, with DP Architects taking charge of the interior concept for one storey, while coordinating and executing the concepts for all parties.

The hotel reception, lounge and restaurant are at 1st Storey, with 29 guestrooms distributed on the upper 3 levels. There are 3 room types, namely capsule rooms on the 2nd Storey, typical mid-size rooms on the 3rd, and loft rooms on the 4th. Adopting an “Industrial Glam” look for the 1st Storey, Asylum introduced industrial elements such gold-painted collapsible gate, oxidised steel countertop, and neon signs.

Themed “Eccentricity” by Phunkstudio at 2nd Storey, each room is mono-coloured, corresponding to an appropriate song title with the manipulation of neon lights. Converging colours were used as graphic designs are evident throughout the corridor to the Jacuzzi at the roof garden. The 3rd Storey by DP Architects, “Is it just black and white?” challenges one to see spaces in a graphical 2-dimensional perspective. An element of surprise is played up by leading the guests through a black corridor into rooms of contrasting white. Some rooms are conceived as white blank canvases with undulating walls and ceilings like folded papers, the guest can “paint” such room with coloured light of his or her choice, creating varied ambiences.

Other rooms bring one into life-size pop-up books, with stenciled pop-up backlit graphics on the walls. The 4th Storey by fFurious, named “Creature Comforts” consists of rooms in the form of “friendly monsters”, designed as sculptures, furniture, or floor graphics. With the double volume space and an upper-deck platform bed, each room is treated like an art gallery, creatively put together for one to enjoy the artwork and unique loft experience. This whimsical mix of themes aims at creating a fun playground for adventure loving travellers.

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