Wednesday 25 May 2011


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Located in one of the world’s most known shopping areas Armani 5th Avenue is a marriage between light and architecture.

As a flagship store, it is conceived as a complete brand experience: a journey with light. The brief required a balanced approach to architectural and merchandise lighting. All lighting needed to be flexibly mounted but hidden in a concealed ceiling system.

The journey begins with the façade expressing the story of the brand in an ethereal manner using a custom LED screen concealed on the glass building. The idea taken throughout the store is for the merchandise to stand proud of architecture using precisely focused lamps to individually highlight items of clothing. Black floors, ceilings and furniture provide strong contrast to the white walls and lighting, creating a film-noir, harmonising with the wider Armani marketing attitude.

The main feature stair is the heart of the store. It connects different store levels and acts as a bridge between floors, further enhancing the journey and reinforcing the brand. It was conceived as a wisp of smoke and thus it was important for the illumination to look as effortless as the sweep of the staircase. The restaurant and bar area are at the end of the journey create a place of glamour and privacy with colour corrected light reflected off tables complemented by candle light, enhancing skin tones and removing shadows.

Visitors are in silhouette upon entering the restaurant, marking the difference with the store areas. A feature back drop wall mimics a curtain moving in the breeze. The animation is interactive increasing in intensity as people move past. Wherever possible light sources were discretely detailed into the architecture to ensure that the Armani product was the focus.

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