Wednesday 11 May 2011


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From the moment a guest walks into this boutique hotel, they experience a unique offering embodied by an enlivened and dynamic atmosphere, which encapsulates the local vibe of Shanghai.

In the reception area, square ceiling coffers with RGB LED strip lights were used to create a dynamic and varied experience. Dependent upon the time of day and day of the week, a different colour is washed onto the ceiling of the coffers. Close offset downlights help accentuate the curved timber walls and metal hull wall, both drawing analogies back to Shanghai's historical ship building industrial past. The living 'green' walls are lit with full spectrum lamps for plant health during the day. They switch over to a more controllable LV source at night, thus allowing for greater flexibility in creating the right mood.

This same light layering method has been utilized to expand the evocative environment throughout the hotel. Starting with the integrated lighting system within the swimming pool to the careful positioning and play of light which draws the guests gaze to various focal points effectively guiding them to key destinations. All the while, it was of utmost importance to ensure there was sufficient light with a degree of balanced darkness which helps to create an intimate almost cocooning ambience. The balance of darkness also helped extend the night views to the spectacular Pudong skyscrapers and the Huangpu River, making the most of the hotels location on the famous Shanghai Bund.

Colour, whilst used, never over powers the space but introduces the dynamic feel required. It was important to always keep a balance between the neutral light and the coloured light ensuring the guest is never oversaturated with colour.

HBA light