Wednesday 27 Apr 2011


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The Savoy is an icon of luxury accommodation in London, Lighting Design International were commissioned by Fairmont Hotels and Resorts to provide lighting designs for the complete restoration of the hotel.

Their brief for the project was two fold; for the exterior of the building to provide a classical enhancement of the architecture and for the interior to provide a warm, luxurious and intimate feel within the main public areas.

LDI's general philosophy for the project was to employ light fixtures that were either small, low glare and innocuous in appearance in order to play down the appearance of the light fixture itself and to play up their effect and ambience they generate.

For the main public areas, the most note worth points are as follows:-

- The decorative pendants in the Entrance Hall (Lobby) incorporate three elements: a dimmable light source to backlight the alabaster bowl, a dimmable light source to uplight the ceiling and enhance the frieze at high level on the walls and almost invisible LED emergency lights built into the ceiling rose. This allows the brightness of the bowls to be balanced against the illumination of the ceiling.

- Custom-designed recessed LED uplights throughout the public areas. These were developed to fit within the 50mm floor depth available and consist of one, two or three LED clusters depending on the application. The uplights are used to highlight columns, pilasters, door architraves and reveals, fireplaces and wall niches.

- The back illumination of the Lalique bar front in the Beaufort Bar using two lines of concealed LED strip lighting.

- The back lighting of the glass dome in the Thames Foyer. In order not to simulate the daytime appearance of the dome and create too much flat light, it was decided to provide one line of cold cathode at low level around the perimeter that would highlight the stain glass panels at that level and allow the centre to be darker which also emphasizes its form. Lighting tests were carried out to review the effect.

- The linear LED luminares lighting the Art Deco wall panels at entresol level of the riverside stairs. These provide an accent/wall wash effect from within the existing cove.

- Lighting tests between LED and low voltage MR16 halogen downlights were carried out at the time of writing specifications and it was agreed that the best warm white LEDs at the time did not provide the same quality of light, ie warming when dimmed and colour rendering characteristics as the halogen, subsequently energy saving MR16 halogen lamps have been used throughout.

Chris Lewis, Principal Designer at Lighting Design International says "It has been a pleasure to create this innovative scheme for such an iconic landmark and bring Pierre Yves Rochon's Edwardian and Art Deco Designs to life".

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