Wednesday 20 Apr 2011


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Bruce Munro created Light Shower for display within historic Salisbury Cathedral from November 2010 - February 2011.

Light Shower is a lighting installation which was designed to be suspended from high within the spire crossing of the historic thirteenth century Salisbury Cathedral in Wiltshire, UK. It is made of 2,000 points of light, that hover like a luminescent cloud near the vaulting roof. Conceived in response to the space in such a way as not to block the view from any point, but to shimmer delicately like gossamer, Light Shower was made to enhance rather than compete with the famous architecture of this vibrant place of worship.

Bruce Munro was asked to create Light Shower so that it could be switched on at a specific moment during the popular 'Darkness into Light' service and procession, which marks the start of Advent yearly in late November. During the service, the cathedral and congregation were plunged into darkness, Light Shower was illuminated high above them, and the candlelit procession then began slowly below. The piece was thus intended to create a dramatic and emotional impact.

Salisbury Cathedral is known as one of the finest examples of Early English Gothic style, attracting visitors and worshipers from all over the world. Light Shower consisted of 2,000 clear teardrop diffusers and 40,000 meters of 1mm optic fiber. Eight 12 v 100 w projectors remotely illuminated the 2,000 teardrops. Light Shower remained in place for three months until the end of February 2011.

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