Monday 11 Apr 2011


Sana Hotel Berlin is situated in the city centre with a black granite stone and green retro-illuminated façade.

The main entrance has a revolving door made of green laminated glass, to match the front illumination and the lobby and two restaurants, situated on the ground floor, have been enclosed by transparent glass to offer visibility to the public areas of the hotel.

The lobby, a double-height space, has been treated with a metal mesh cadmium finish, creating a matching green-colour texture. Curved lines fuse together the letters "BER", for Berlin, and "BAR", for Barcelona, the city where Francesc Rifé Studio is located. SAM (Ziru) upholstery sofas can be found along the main lounge of the lobby

An outdoor terrace is located next to the Pub, remembering the historical beer-Berlin relation, with light-and-image projections.

Guest rooms have been designed using two different finishes, to offer returning guests the opportunity to experience alternative atmospheres. Two different elements define the rooms. First, the bathroom, with a laminated smoky glass partition with a round mirror inside allows, if wanted, visibility of the rest of the room depending on the light used. The second element is a straight module along the room, in front of the bathroom and bed, with different finished surfaces depending on the room; containing wardrobe, mini-bar, television and desk. As a special characteristic, the television is intelligently hidden behind a cool-light glass. In addition a rest zone has been created with auxiliary furniture, a comfortable armchair and low table.

Other outstanding spaces are the Gym/Spa located in the seventh floor with a huge window in laminated green glass showing the entire main street. Flooring and wall coverings are made of IPE wood.

Francesc Rifé Studio

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