Monday 04 Apr 2011


Russell Investments' new space brings new workplace culture.

The global financial services firm Russell Investments was looking to create a networked work environment that would enable ideas to be exchanged more quickly around the world. The process included the relocation of its headquarters from Tacoma to Seattle, Washington, and the migration from a traditional office/cubicle standard to an open office/collaborative work environment.

To help navigate this process, NBBJ worked with Russell to develop a workplace strategy that supports its organizational objectives and drives a progressive, workplace culture.

Design solutions include an open floor plan and clear glass conference rooms, which provide associates with significant access to daylight and greater visibility within and across teams. Each cluster of workstations is located near an “innovation hub” area that include privacy rooms, project team rooms and informal collaboration spaces, all equipped with white board surfaces and technology that supports flexibility and collaboration.

To further enable collaboration and face-to-face connections, private offices have been eliminated and replaced with a variety of shared spaces, available at every scale and privacy level. These shared spaces and new technologies allow associates to pick-up and plug-in wherever needed.

“We are in a fast-paced industry and an innovative work space is key in supporting speed to market and continuing to drive innovation. The process of designing our new space was truly a creative journey, and we believe this new environment exemplifies the transition we are driving”

Andrew Doman, President & CEO Russell Investments

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