Monday 31 Jan 2011


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One Shelley Street was a highly collaborative effort by Macquarie and its design team to reframe the requirements for a 21st century office, and implement a radical, large scale workplace that leveraged mobility, transparency, multiple tailor made worksettings, destination work plazas, follow-me technology, and carbon neutral systems to support an evolving vision for a financial services company. The result is part space station, part cathedral, part vertical Greek village.

The public areas extend over three zones: Main Street on Level 1 offers communal spaces that are highly conducive to corporate and philanthropic events; Plazas within the office floors were modeled after collaboration typologies-the dining room, garden, tree house, playroom, and coffee house, where cross-pollination among business groups is guaranteed via spontaneous encounters; numerous work neighborhoods surround the Atrium that each house approximately 100 employees in adaptable settings. Color was used strategically in materials and finishes to compose and organize the complex, expansive space. An arterial staircase links the zones forming a "Meeting Tree," symbolic of the interconnectedness of Macquarie's client relationships.

Macquarie adopted the theory of Activity Based Working (ABW) which requires flexible workspaces that encourage mobility. Our first "off the wall" idea was to leverage the shipping container language of the adjacent harbor and install a steel gantry above the Atrium from which meeting rooms could be summoned on demand. Eliminating the movement aspect, the concept of diaphanous pods remained. The pods are chameleons, reinventing themselves as workshops, dens and even DJ booths, championing the building's bespoke atmosphere.

Clive Wilkinson Architects

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