Wednesday 12 Jan 2011


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Yu Yuan Renaissance Hotel appeals to young travellers

The interior design draws inspiration from the vibrant and fast-moving fashion and graphic industry, among other sources. The hotel presents a series of lively, brightly coloured spaces that would celebrate texture, tone, pattern and clever juxtaposition. The idea was to make a stay at the Yu Yuan Renaissance a bit of an adventure, something that would stick out of the ordinary and into the mind. The hotel is indeed a perfect example of expressive design - not the traditional, subtle, luxury model.

One highlighting example from the hotel is a dramatic elliptical void which was carved through several floors of the building's section. The form has no specific functional purpose, but as it tapers upward and glows with light, it becomes an edgy visual focal point and a central feature that tickles people's imaginations, helping also to tie the different levels together.

One other example of this was the treatment of the floors and ceilings. A whole series of custom-designed carpets and light fixtures identify and define each separate space. Ceilings were designed in tandem with carpet patterns in many cases, to strengthen the effect. Unusual colour tones were carefully matched with fun, original takes on patterns and motifs to produce the carpets. The prism relief in the Grand Ballroom ceiling and the ‘cheese holes' design at the Chinese Restaurant ceiling, are innovative and memorable.

And while there will certainly be people who prefer traditional classical or modern minimalism for their contemporary visits, the Yu Yuan's energy and visual richness has already been recognized as a top boutique hotel in Shanghai.